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★科目名   情報表現Ⅰ   講義名 Information Representation ⅠF  
受講可能学科 造形学部・全学科  
担当研究室 その他 
★担当教員   木谷 篤  
分野 造形総合Ⅱ類   ★対象学年  1年,2年,3年,4年  
科目群 造形総合Ⅱ類  キャンパス  
開講期間 前期 2019/04/08-2019/07/13   ★曜日・時限  土5  
★授業形態   演習   ★単位数   2.0   
履修条件  受講者定員は38名までとする。  
授業概要・カリキュラム上の位置づけ ※本授業は、英語でおこないます。

The contents of this class are aimed at beginners, commencing with acquiring the fundamentals of computers and the Internet and creating files using Illustrator and Photoshop.
The final objectives are to be able to manage the basics of Illustrator and Photoshop, create simple webpages using HTML, and attempt to produce some of this content onto a server.
This course is aimed at students who have not used Illustrator and/or Photoshop before and those without any experience in creating webpages using HTML.
In the classes, students will explore various ways of expressions using computers, practice finding a variety of information, and learn how to send/make public their own data using the Internet.
To this end, this course commences by covering the basic knowledge necessary to use computers and the Internet and advances toward combining information on current Internet trends.
Throughout the lessons, besides the perspective of general users, this course will also touch on matters that should be learned by Musashino Art University students.

授業方法 The class will be held in an environment where there is one computer per person.
An account will be given to students who will take this class to access the task submission server.
While repeatedly tackling individual creation small tasks, we will gradually advance design work that uses computer, starting with rudimentary content.

到達目標 [1] Learn fundamental knowledge regarding information management on computers.
[2] Learn fundamental knowledge about creating data using applications such as Illustrator and Photoshop.
[3] Learn fundamental knowledge about the structure of the Internet and the Web, its significance, and effective techniques in its usage.
[4] Learn about planning and creating simple webpages and their content through an understanding of HTML.

[1] コンピュータでの情報の取り扱いに関する基礎知識の習得。
[2] IllustratorやPhotoshopなどのアプリケーションを使ったデータ作成の基礎知識習得。
[3] インターネットやWebのしくみ、意義、効果的な利用方法の知識習得。
[4] HTMLを理解した上で、簡単なWebページ、コンテンツの計画と作成知識習得。  
ディプロマポリシーとの関連 http://www.musabi.ac.jp/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/CurriculumMap_fad2_2018.pdf  
授業計画・課題に対するフィードバック Lessons will follow the schedule below:
1st Class Orientation, Computer fundamentals
2nd Class Computer data, files, etc. Units of Information
3rd Class Illustrator, Grid systems, and creating documents
4th Class Color expression methods and processing, and creating a color cube practical
5th Class Photoshop and handling image data
6th Class Creating simple documents using Illustrator and Photoshop
7th Class Internet and network application basics
8th Class Fundamentals of the Web and page creation tools
9th Class Basics of making Webpages with HTML
10th Class Web-/Internet-related understanding of HTML, CSS, etc.
11th Class Creating Web content
12th Class Creating Web content
13th Class Creating Web content
14th Class Creating Web content
15th Class Final Review

第1回 オリエンテーション、コンピュータの基礎知識
第2回 コンピュータのデータやファイルなど、情報の単位
第3回 Illustrator、グリッドシステム、文書の作成
第4回 色の表現方法と操作、カラーキューブ作成演習
第5回 Photoshop、画像データの取り扱い
第6回 IllustratorとPhotoshopを使った簡単な文書の作成
第7回 インターネット、ネットワークアプリケーションの基礎
第8回 Webの基礎知識、ページ作成ツール
第9回 HTMLによるWebページ作成の基礎
第10回 HTML、CSS等のWeb/Internet関連知識
第11回 Webコンテンツ作成演習
第12回 Webコンテンツ作成演習
第13回 Webコンテンツ作成演習
第14回 Webコンテンツ作成演習
第15回 最終講評
履修上の留意点 The follow-up units to this course are Information Representation II and Information Representation III.

準備学習内容・時間の目安 This class requires to proceed the assignment works with understanding the knowledge and techniques which acquired through each week lesson, and thus each content of exercise and lecture should be reviewed before taking the class. (120 minutes)

成績評価の方法 Comprehensive evaluation of attendance, class participation, homework, etc.


テキスト Required information will be dealt with in supporting printouts.


参考文献(作品)等 Indicated when appropriate.

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