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★科目名   Fundamental Subjects for Art and Design   講義名 Fundamental Subjects for Art and Design  
サブタイトル Fundamental Subjects for Art and Design
16週〜19週授業週 〈2単位 実技〉
16-19 lesson week (2 credits)  
受講可能学科 造形学部・日本画学科  
担当研究室 彫刻学科 
★担当教員   彫刻学科  
分野 専門Ⅰ類   ★対象学年  1年  
科目群 専門Ⅰ類(選択)  キャンパス  
開講期間 4期 2017/09/04-2017/09/30   ★曜日・時限   
★授業形態   実技   ★単位数   2.0   
履修条件  特になし  
授業概要・カリキュラム上の位置づけ What to express? Through what? With what? And how? For those who seek to express themselves, these are vexing questions. Among these, we address “Through what?” and “With what?” here, because we believe that these difficulties may arise simply from shying away from encountering new materials. We might be surprised to discover that while encountering new materials and media, the content of our expression may differ from that of our imaginings.
We believe that language is another means of expression, and instruction is carried out using English-language communication to engage with artistic production.
This course is jointly organized by the Department of Painting’s Printmaking and Painting Courses, which involve the use of oil, acrylic, and tempera paints as well as printmaking, engraving, and painting on silk, in collaboration with the Departments of Sculpture and Japanese Painting. Of course, you may also select options from your own programs and departments, but for those who wish to broaden their powers of expression or who are slightly inhibited in expressing themselves, we encourage you to take this opportunity to challenge yourselves by attending a course outside your own programs and departments.

到達目標 To broaden the potential of our creations through renewed encounters with materials, media, and language.

授業計画・課題に対するフィードバック We will invite artists that are active throughout the world today–not just foreign artists, but also Japanese artists who are enjoying success globally–to create works through workshops and other activities to promote cultural exchanges.

From these classes, we hope that the students will gain an awareness of the works, and by considering why they are created and ceasing to use the words they customarily do, they will also gain an insight into their shortcomings as well as their potential.


履修上の留意点 Fundamental Subjects for Art and Design is jointly offered by the Oil Painting and Printmaking Courses and Department of Japanese Painting along with the Department of Sculpture. Note that students may also select courses offered by non-affiliated departments, and should refer to those accordingly.

準備学習内容・時間の目安 Study of fundamental English conversations.
成績評価の方法 A final review will be held, where each instructor will grade the students.
テキスト Students will be instructed during orientation on the first day of class.
参考文献(作品)等 Students will be instructed during orientation on the first day of class.
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